dubai customs

Dubai Customs made 179 different seizures in first half of 2019
Dubai Customs handled almost 4 million passengers at terminal 1 during H1 2019
Dubai Customs foils bid to smuggle $810,000 of pills
800,000 Captagon pills are discovered hidden in the fuel tank of a boat shipment arriving at the Port of Jebel Ali
Dubai Customs: Dubai-China trade at AED 36 billion in 1Q 2019
China has been Dubai’s top trading partner since 2014, as the emirate has cemented its status as a major regional and global hub for the Chinese market.
Dubai launches e-statistics system for better data to clients and decision makers
Dubai Customs’ electronic systems used in collecting and analysing trade and customs statistics provides a clear picture of how our national economy is performing.
Dubai Customs discusses more cooperation with French delegation
The visitors showcased a disruptive product which is made of an innovative material able to collect a huge amount of odorous molecules and releasing them in a controlled manner during months
Dubai Customs seeks greater cooperation with vegetable and fruit sector
Dubai Customs and vegetable and fruit sector discuss ways to ensure best results that enable development of vegetable and fruit trade
Dubai Customs thwarts 87 marijuana oil smuggling attempts in 1Q 2019
Marijuana oil seizures at Dubai Airport increase from 7 in 2018 to 87 in first quarter of 2019.
Dubai Customs redevelops smart Jebel Ali Customs Operations Room
The redevelopment was carried out in-house and was based on the employees’ efforts and intellect.
Dubai Customs signs MoU with Dubai Free Zones Council for Virtual Stock Guarantee
Dubai Customs signed a MoU with the Dubai Free Zones Council to help with the implementation of the “Virtual Stock Guarantee” initiative
Customs World develops RIISE customs platform for global use
RIISE will be rolled out globally to give different countries a cost-effective and sustainable customs system that allows them to effectively and transparently manage core customs activities and conduct trade in the global market.
Dubai Customs’ plan to enhance the UAE’s cross-border trade
Dubai Customs is focusing on a number of key initiatives intended to make trade in Dubai faster and simpler as regional trade hubs nip at the heels of the city’s logistics dominance
Dubai Customs launches WMS awareness campaign for 21k companies
Campaign aims to educate more than 21,000 companies about the importance of their warehousing systems’ consistence and compliance with the Dubai Customs smart system

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