Red light cameras catch 13,000 violators during 2017
Senior police official says red light jumping responsible for 6% of road accidents in UAE capital
FAMCO rewards UAE truck drivers for fuel efficient driving
Al-Futtaim Auto & Machinery Company (FAMCO) recently held the region’s first Fuelwatch Challenge aimed at testing and rewarding some of the country’s best drivers in fuel-efficient driving.
AUS students develop ‘smart system’ to lower rate of car accidents
Four Emirati students from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at American University of Sharjah (AUS) have designed and developed a system that aims to lower the rate of car accidents in the UAE.
Almost half of all UAE drivers rely on coffee to stay alert
Some 46% of UAE drivers rely on coffee to stay alert while 26% admit that not drinking coffee while driving makes them unfocused and drowsy.
Al-Futtaim and Dubai Police aim for ‘Summer Without Accidents’
Al-Futtaim Motors has joined the UAE Ministry of Interior’s “Summer Without Accidents” campaign as official sponsor of Dubai Police’s efforts to reduce road fatalities.
Lateness accounts for majority of UAE speeding
Breaking the speed limit is especially prevalent among young drivers, with 29% of respondents aged 18-24 admitting to speeding on a quarter or more of their trips.
FOCUS: Uber's drive towards global domination
Uber is present in 60 countries — 330 cities in total — and has established itself as one of the world’s best known mobile-based car hire companies, valued at $41bn.
Hefty fines for street racers, loud vehicles in Dubai
Dubai Police will seize a vehicle that has been involved in street racing and issue a fine of $27,000 for the offence.
Middle East drivers 'replacing their cars more often'
Vehicle marketplace Carmudi has revealed motorists in the region are replace their cars three times more often than motorists in the US.
Top five ways to save fuel while driving
UAE fuel subsidies have been abolished, resulting in operational cost increases for fleet owners running gasoline-powered vehicles. With this in mind, Ford advises on getting the most out of every tank.
UAE petrol prices to rise by 24% from Saturday
This move aims to 'promote rationalised consumption and incentivise people to choose fuel efficient cars' while encouraging the use of public transport.

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