DHL launches new online freight forwarding platform
Unique follow and share functions provide seamless collaboration with customers and suppliers
SITA and ULD Care to explore blockchain to digitally track ULDs
Tracking ULDs through blockchain can potentially save the industry $400m
Comment: Securing the Supply Chain
Dr. Mike Lloyd, RedSeal CTO, says the modern inter-connected supply chain is also a serious cause for concern from a security perspective
Qafila selected by Intelak for sixth star-up cohort
Selection will help spearhead startup’s expansion into air cargo through access to industry expertise and funding
Transforming visibility into supply chain efficiency
As the ‘Amazon effect’ puts incredible pressure on the supply chain industry, satellite technology commoditises visibility
Aramex moves all technology infrastructure to AWS
Aramex has built a big data platform on AWS leveraging machine-learning capabilities, which increased accuracy in shipping-date predictions by 74 percent
Saloodo and the future of digital freight
Saloodo! is a convenient and fully integrated platform that enables shippers and transport providers to make fast and reliable road freight connections within United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Future value chain - management decisions supported by data analytics and AI
Digital models of value chains, or entire companies, support management decisions on matters ranging from strategy to medium-term planning and day-to-day operations. A good example is margin optimization in complex chemical value chains.
Comment: Digital dexterity key to growth in transport and logistics
Jim Hilton, Director Manufacturing/Transportation & Logistics Marketing Strategy, at Zebra Technologies says digital dexterity is key to the future success of the transportation and logistics sector
Bahri launches ‘iSupplier’ platform to streamline procurement
The online platform will serve as a dedicated communication channel between Bahri’s Corporate Procurement and suppliers and contractors.
Comment: How can companies mitigate their supply chain risk?
Tim Bandos, VP of Cybersecurity, Digital Guardian, looks at the ways supply chain companies and end-users with complex supply chains can mitigate risks associated with their operations.
Etihad Cargo evaluates digital systems six months after switching to new platform
Last year, the carrier embarked on a strategy that saw the introduction of several transformation programmes across its fleet and network, commercial and operational processes, and its physical and digital infrastructures.

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