arabian gulf

Japan considers sending navy to Arabian Gulf to protect shipping
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe instructed ministers at a National Security Council meeting to study the possibility of the SDF dispatch
Oil tanker earnings top $100,000-a-day mark
The rates for ships hauling 2-million-barrel cargoes of Middle East oil to China climbed more than 15%, according to data from the Baltic Exchange in London
US government repeats warning to airlines over Iran threat in Gulf region
Federal Aviation Administration releases new guidance to US airlines and other commercial-flight operators over threat posed by Iran
Can Iran block the entire Strait of Hormuz?
Refinitiv, a global provider of financial markets data and infrastructure, looks at the implications of an Iranian blockade of the Strait of Hormuz
Iran crisis not currently a threat to cruise shipping in Dubai says Royal Caribbean
The comments came two days after Iran seized Stena Impero, a UK-flagged oil tanker, in the Strait of Hormuz, ratcheting up tensions in the region.
Iran says it has seized an oil tanker in the Arabian Gulf
The seized vessel appears to be the missing oil tanker MT Riah
UAE confirms oil tanker missing in Iranian waters, UK sends additional warships
The UAE is monitoring the situation with international partners
Comment: the impact of Arabian Gulf vessel attacks on shipping and logistics
Jeb Clulow, partner, Reed Smith, London looks at the impact of the Iran tensions on shipping in the region
UK raises threat level for British ships in Arabian Gulf, sends more warships
A security level of 3 means that there is an imminent risk of an attack on a UK ship, according to the International Ship and Port Facility (ISPS) security code.
Gulf oil shipments now cost more than $500,000 to insure
The cost of insuring Middle East oil shipments is soaring as tensions mount
British Royal Marines deployed to protect shipping following tanker attacks
A UK contingent of Royal Marines is being sent to the UAE and other GCC countries to protect British shipping and cargo in the Strait of Hormuz
GCC navies begin security patrols in Arabian Gulf amid US-Iran tensions
Saudi Arabian foreign ministry reiterates that it does not want war with Iran, but is prepared for one if need be, as GCC navies step up Arabian Gulf patrols.

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