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Abu Dhabi to invest $128m to improve public transport
Integrated Transport Centre says 40 new buses to be launched in October, plans to buy total of 327 buses
Credit card payment introduced in Abu Dhabi airport taxis
The new service allows the users to have a variety of payment methods as they can also use Apple and Samsung Pay
Ferry services of Dalma Island transferred from Mugharag Port to Jebel Al Dhana Marsa
This comes in part of ITC’s continuous endeavour to develop the maritime services in Al Dhafra Region
Department of Transport to showcase Abu Dhabi’s world-class infrastructure
Now open for registration, the free technical visits will offer delegates valuable insights on how Abu Dhabi deals with the day-to-day operations of its integrated transport network and it’s planning for future projects
Tafawuq Facilities Management introduces first boat to its Abu Dhabi fleet
The introduction of its first waterborne vehicle allows Tafawuq’s operational teams to keep various locations on Reem Island free of any debris, including the surrounding waterways and mangrove areas.
Vietnamese authorities seize illegal rhino horns from Abu Dhabi flight
Some in Vietnam believe that rhino horns help cure diseases and hangovers when ground into powder
Abu Dhabi to promote sustainable infrastructure at the World Road Congress
The Congress will offer a unique opportunity to explore the challenges, solutions and innovations, such as the introduction of driverless cars and future technology which will enable energy generation via cars driving on the road.
UAE to allow 100% foreign ownership of maritime businesses
The UAE legislation, which is expected to pass in the first half of 2020, will address areas ranging from vessel ownership to dispute resolution
‘We were too ambitious and tried to be too global’ says Etihad executive
Abdulla Mohamed Shadid, managing director, cargo and logistics, Etihad Cargo, says changing market conditions several years ago revealed that the airline had concentrated too much on creating a global footprint and not enough on developing other key areas of the business
Etihad launches Dreamliner services from Abu Dhabi to Shanghai
The number of Chinese tourists arriving in the UAE now exceeds 1 million per year, while 3.5 million Chinese passengers transit through the country each year
K Line starts long-term voyage contract for Emirates Global Aluminium
The first vessel (MV Cape Taweelah) arrived at Port Khalifa, UAE in June from its loading port at Kamsar, Guinea.
Integrated Transport Centre and Lulu Group sign MoU to sell Hafilat cards
This is in aim of improving the level of services offered to bus users and enhancing the cooperation between the public and private sectors.

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