Truebell signs new food and retail distribution contracts in UAE

Truebell’s retail and food services business continues to benefit from the Gulf’s favourable geography and the ongoing growth in hospitality and retail
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UAE-headquartered Truebell, a leading GCC importer of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), has enhanced its 11-year partnership as exclusive distributor for leading bakery and patisserie, La Rose Noire, by launching their latest line of homemade delicacies across the UAE and Kuwait.

La Rose Noire’s new products, which will be distributed by Truebell from September 2019, include Coloured Chocolate Mini Cones and Volcanic Discs which both come in six different flavours; Coloured Chocolate Universes; and Les Cones Passion which are available six flavours including caramel almond and chocolate.

A new collection of premium desserts will also be available in six mouth-watering flavours including banana cheeseclair and double raspberry les chouchous - as well as Les Cheeseclairs which come in six different varieties. 

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Truebell divisional manager, retail & food service, Bhushant J. Gandhi, said: “La Rose Noire’s latest range of delicacies have been made exclusively for chefs and bakers working within high-end restaurants and catering outlets as well as five-star hotels, who are looking to develop new and unique offerings for their dessert menus using only the finest ingredients.

“Over the coming weeks, our sales team will be visiting over 1,000 customers as part of the launch – showcasing and demonstrating the new line of delicacies to chefs and restaurant operators in the region.”

Truebell’s retail and food services business continues to benefit from the Gulf’s favourable geography and the ongoing growth in hospitality and retail. According to KPMG’s latest F&B sector survey, Dubai alone is home to 2,935 F&B outlets per million residents – second only to Paris which currently has 3,656 outlets per million residents.

Meanwhile, the latest data from Euromonitor International reveals the retail industry in the UAE is projected to increase 18% between 2018 and 2023 from US$55 billion to US$63.6 billion.

Truebell has also expanded its portfolio of probiotic products with the addition of the newly launched Yakult Gold – a Japanese probiotic fermented milk drink. Each bottle contains 30 billion Lactobacillus Casei strain Shirota (approx. 4 times the number of good bacteria found in Yakult Original & Light) and is packed with added nutrients such as Vitamin D, B12, B6, Niacin and Calcium.

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Gandhi, said: “Probiotics are very sensitive products – often with very short shelf lives – therefore they require an efficient cold chain network in order to be delivered from where they are manufactured to the retailers where they are sold in a careful and timely manner and this is an area that we excel in.

“Society is becoming more health conscious than ever before and probiotics, whether in supplement format or in food and beverages, are becoming increasingly popular in the UAE due to the health benefits linked to them such as enhanced digestion, stronger immune system and healthier skin to name a few.”

With a portfolio of over 10,000 products including more than 60 global brands, Truebell is cementing its position as a leading importer, wholesaler, distributor and exporter in the GCC.

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