Oman investigating e-commerce store over counterfeit goods in supply chain

Over 68,600 people reportedly bought goods from the online store
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Officials in Oman are investigating an alleged scam by a popular e-commerce store, which stands accused of selling counterfeit goods and electronic gadgets.

The store in question, which cannot be named until all legal matters are concluded, reportedly sold a vast array of items, including electronic gadgets that were considerably lower than their market price.

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According to the Sultanate’s Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP), over 68,600 customers bought goods from the online store.

A statement from PACP said: “The details of the seizure are due to the authority receiving repeated complaints and communications during a specified period of time from consumers stating that there are defects in some electrical and electronic goods. It turns out they all bought it from an online sales site.”

PACP revealed that the customers had been defrauded of an estimated $6,500 (OMR2,500) through purchases from the portal, although this number is expected to increase as the investigation continues.

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