Kuwait’s KIPIC invests in refinery supply chain with Honeywell

Honeywell UOP will revise the configuration and capacity of the refinery’s gasoline production facilities.
CCR unit On disk 11
CCR unit On disk 11


Kuwait Integrated Petroleum Industries Company (KIPIC) has awarded reconfiguration of the refining and petrochemical sections of its Al-Zour refinery to Honeywell UOP.

The newly designed complex will increase the plant’s output capacity of fuels and petrochemicals.

Honeywell UOP will revise the configuration and capacity of the refinery’s gasoline production facilities.

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The company will also supply technology licenses, design services, key equipment, and state-of-the-art catalysts and adsorbents to produce clean-burning fuels, paraxylene, propylene and other petrochemicals.

“Honeywell is committed to supporting Kuwait’s long-term growth and development in the energy sector, leveraging innovative technologies and advanced training programs to help achieve key objectives under New Kuwait Vision 2035 and KPC Vision 2040,” said Rachad Abdallah, president for Honeywell in Kuwait. “Our technologies are helping transform Kuwait into a world-leading manufacturer in the downstream oil and gas industry. In addition to aromatics and propylene, the Euro-V fuels will be produced at Al-Zour plant which is the cornerstone of Kuwait’s clean fuels initiative.”

When completed, this will be the largest integrated refinery and petrochemicals plant ever constructed in Kuwait.

The refinery’s gasoline section will include a world-scale 98,000 barrels per day (bpd) RFCC complex for production of propylene, gasoline, and a UOP SelectfiningTM unit to produce low-sulfur gasoline blending components.

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Two UOP Merox units will be used to treat mix C3’s for propylene production, and mixed C4’s to make clean-fuels blending components, including MTBE from a UOP Ethermax unit. Also included 193 KMTA Butamer unit to convert normal butane to isobutane.

The petrochemicals section includes an aromatics complex that will produce 1.4 million metric tons per year of paraxylene. It will use the latest generation LD Parex aromatics technology, including the Sulfolane, Isomar and Tatoray processes.  The CCR Platforming unit and naphtha hydrotreater have been expanded to meet the needs of the larger gasoline and aromatics complexes.

Kuwait Integrated Petroleum Industries Company (KIPIC) is a new subsidiary of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) set up by State of Kuwait to manage refinery, petrochemicals and LNG import operations in the Al-Zour complex, located south of Kuwait City.

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