MonarchFx and DeliveryCircle team-up for same-day delivery

The DeliveryCircle technology is superior and can be integrated with all operational needs
MonarchFX, DeliveryCircle, Same-day delivery


MonarchFx, a business unit of Tompkins International has partnered with DeliveryCircle to boost same-day fulfilment.

MonarchFx and DeliveryCircle have collaborated to provide a same-day delivery service to any interested sellers with the ability to be customized for any special needs.

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The DeliveryCircle technology is superior and can be integrated with all operational needs.  Some features include dashboard monitoring, driver schedule management, online logistics track and trace, route optimization, and document and signature capture.

MonarchFx was created to give brands and retailers a highly credible fulfillment solution, superior to other alternatives. MonarchFx provides quality services at reasonable prices, requiring low capital investment.

DeliveryCircle is MonarchFx’s same-day delivery solution, offering quick implementation, reduction in costs, increase delivery service levels, and a superior delivery service for sellers.

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“We are excited about the market opportunity MonarchFx has in front of them and are extremely proud to be part of their delivery solutions offerings,” stated Vijaya Rao, CEO, DeliveryCircle.

“I am happy to announce our partnership with DeliveryCircle. This partnership enables MonarchFx to provide same-day delivery, adding to our clients ability to provide even better customer service,” said Jim Tompkins, CEO, MonarchFx.

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