GAC revamps pharma supply chain solutions

Neil McMaster, general manager, contract logistics, GAC talks us through the ways in which GAC is offering world-class cold chain solutions for healthcare clients in the Middle East.
Neil McMaster, general manager, contract logistics, GAC.
Neil McMaster, general manager, contract logistics, GAC.


Control and quality are two of the most important elements in healthcare logistics. Stringent regulations demand exemplary business practices, strict quality, controlled storage and transparency at every stage of the pharmaceutical supply chain.

Manufacturers are also constantly seeking leaner supply chains to support new product development and shorter time-to-market cycles, which is why GAC Logistics was exhibiting its world-class pharmaceutical logistics facilities and solutions at the recent DUPHAT event in Dubai.

“GAC Logistics has been in the Middle East for many years, with its regional headquarters based out of Dubai. In recent years we have invested very heavily in upgrading facilities to meet MOH and World Health Organisation standards for warehousing and distribution of pharmaceutical goods,” says Neil McMaster, general manager, contract logistics, GAC.

“We have a new fully verified and certified warehouse that’s capable of 18,000 pallet storage and a new thousand pallet storage chamber for 4+ degrees. We have a fully certified pharmacist who is responsible for quality management,” he adds.

GAC meets that demand for control and quality with optimum healthcare logistics efficiency with agile, flexible supply chain while ensuring complete product integrity and compliance from end-to-end.

The company draws on the strengths of its global logistics network and GWP compliant warehousing facilities and integrated distribution expertise to deliver prescription, over-the-counter products, and medical devices to markets anywhere, anytime.

Depending on the product, temperature controlled forwarding is always handled at desired temperatures.

“Our pharmaceutical warehouse and distribution is handled in-house, we offer our clients a local and regional storage and distribution service for pharma products. Our facilities are uniquely suited to these clients because it is not only a dedicated pharmaceutical cold chain facility, but it’s also a highly secure storage area and is MOH approved for its cold chain integrity. The code meets the highest standards of our clients,” says McMaster.

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Order fulfillment from inspection, pick-and-pack to delivery is available, as well as a full range of value added services for packing, labelling, testing, laboratory services and products retrieval.

Quality control and process measurements from start to finish deliver a fully auditable supply chain process essential for the business, enabling GAC’s healthcare clients to focus on their core expertise in research & development, manufacturing, sales and marketing.

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