Tripharma Logistics launches in UAE for pharma sector

New pharmaceutical logistics joint venture brings international supply chain expertise from three companies together in Dubai South.
Richard Bell, director, RHS Logistics.
Richard Bell, director, RHS Logistics.


Tripharma Logistics, a new joint venture between three leading logistics companies, was launched at DUPHAT in Dubai, with the aim of enhancing pharmaceutical logistics in the Middle East.

The company is the result of a three-way partnership between Italian firms Columbus Logistics and MWM (Montalti Worldwide Moving) and local supply chain and forwarding experts RHS Logistics.

"I believe the opportunity for pharmaceutical logistics in Dubai is at the most advanced level that I’ve seen in 20 years, so we’re very happy to be able to announce at DUPHAT our new services for the pharmaceutical sector," said Richard Bell, director, RHS Logistics. "These services will be provided through a three way partnership between RHS Logistics, a leading 3PL in the region and our partners from Italy Columbus and Montalti and we feel that with their professional expertise, backed by our local knowledge, we’ll be able to truly enhance pharmaceutical logistics in the region."

Watch our video interview with Richard Bell below:

“These three companies have more than 130 years’ experience in logistics, and together will be bringing a new approach to pharmaceutical logistics in the Middle East that puts the customer first,” added Stefano Bianconi, director, Tripharma Logistics.

“We’re entering the Middle East market in partnership with RHS as a joint venture to provide end-to-end pharmaceutical logistics solutions to the local market. We do this in full compliance with the quality standards of the EU GDP and US FDA standards,” he added.

Tripharma Logistics has established a distribution hub in Dubai South, adjacent to DWC, that will be the regional logistics hub for the company.

“We wanted to have the hub here in the UAE because it is a fast-developing pharma market, but also because it is a geostrategic location from which we can serve the rest of the region,” explains Massimiliano Montalti, director, Tripharma Logistics. “It’s a strategic location for transhipment from Europe and Asia to various destinations around the world.”

Through its Dubai hub, Tripharma Logistics will be offering end-to-end supply chain solutions for pharma clients in the region.

“We are able to provide end-to-end solutions because we manage the cold chain in Europe and through our partnership with RHS we can provide transportation from Europe to Dubai and from US to the Middle East, and through our partnership with local transportation companies we can distribute to the end-user,” says Bianconi. “We want to provide a solid and efficient pharma cold chain throughout the MENA region.”

“I’m very happy that this project has begun. These are three family-owned and stable companies that are very focused on client satisfaction and together they’ll bring something new to pharma logistics in the Middle East,” he adds.

Watch our interview with Bianconi and Montalti below:

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