TOP FIVE: NAFL president gives her top tips for logistics success

Nadia Abdul Aziz, NAFL president, gives her view on the impact of coronavirus and offers her top tips for success in the industry
NAFL president Nadia Abdul Aziz
NAFL president Nadia Abdul Aziz


What is the outlook for NAFL for 2020? 

Our outlook is bright and we have many events in the pipeline that will add value to the forwarding industry and will also showcase opportunities in the UAE. We have greater focus on UAE youth and will ensure all our educational programs will focus on encouraging and educating persons into this lucrative industry. This is also in line with our country leaders’ strategy to focus on logistics and human capital and incorporate technology to work more effectively. We will also offer scholarships to needy students who didn’t get the chance for education or could not afford it.

What has been NAFL’s biggest win so far in 2020?

The biggest win so far is that we have managed to bring in international logistics events in the region for 2020. We have managed to work with the highest number of UAE universities and collaborate with international universities in the field of supply chain and logistics. Also, we have managed to clear away people who were trying to damage NAFL work and managed to showcase all the hard work being put into the organisation over the last four years. We will be training the largest number of nationals in the UAE in this sector with more focus on practical experience and blended learning in logistics.

How is the coronavirus epidemic affecting your logistics operations and what is your long-term outlook for crisis?

The corona epidemic has effected 78 countries and all businesses globally. It has effected passenger airlines and the cargo on passenger airlines. It has also resulted in a slowdown in the shipping industry and manufacturing industry. It has disrupted many international conferences, events and health organisations are working day and night to resolve that and get things back to normal. We are working closely with airlines and government officials to ensure the crisis does not damage the industry. The long-term effect of this virus will be to slow things down before they go back to normal. There will be a vaccine created in few months’ time.  We have already experienced SARS, bird flu and many other viruses.

What are your top five tips for building a successful logistics company?

First, you need to have experience or some sort of quality education in this field. Selecting a qualified team to run the business, especially sales and operations, is vital. You must also invest in technology as it can drastically change and saves time and money. After all, it is the future for logistics. Credit rating checks on any clients that are being targeted will help. And having excellent international agents, or being part of an international network that can support your international cargo movements will help. Finally, believing in what you love and having a passion for it will make things more exciting and will motivate you to work harder and achieve your goals and organisational objectives.

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