FEATURE: Attracting and retaining talent in a post-Covid-19 supply chain

Companies must redefine their talent strategies to ensure optimal success


The ever-evolving supply chain industry was already facing challenges prior to the onset of COVID-19 and even now, the ability to attract and retain talent remains highly competitive.

However, an organisation is only as good as its best people and in any industry, fighting for the best talent is necessary for success.

In recent years, the supply chain landscape has transformed, experiencing fundamental shifts towards digitalisation to drive competitive advantage. Consequently, many industries are facing challenges to adapt, with companies now fighting for talent with skills that they had not previously considered. Coupled with the impact of COVID-19, companies must redefine their talent strategies to ensure optimal success, which brings about a new set of challenges in the recruitment process.

Given the recent pandemic, businesses may find it difficult to offer the same “attractive” remuneration packages as before. Therefore, they must consider ways to attract and retain talent aside from financial rewards. Companies must ask themselves “do we offer added benefits that ensure our people feel valued?” If not, then now is the time to re-analyse Compensation and Benefits structures.

Furthermore, it is essential for organisations to identify future leaders of the industry within the region. Supply Chain and Logistics qualifications have emerged in regional academic institutions, which is a step in the right direction. However, a commitment is required from organisations to ensure they are developing and employing local talent so that the skills necessary for this industry are available within the local economy.

Supply Chain People, a division of Food People, is dedicated to addressing these challenges. We focus exclusively on talent solutions for the Supply Chain Industry in the Middle East, inspired by our parent company, Food People, which adopts the same approach, specifically for the Food and Beverage Industry. Our company has a track record in successfully attracting and retaining talent across the Middle East using our broad global and local networks.

Luke Truin, Managing Partner, explained, “The market is tough and will be for a while, however, there continues to be a focus on Supply Chain in the region. Following conversations with senior leaders across the region, there is certainly a feeling of positivity amongst those who had a clear strategy and vision. At Supply Chain People, we always analyse talent based on an organisation’s culture and vision. The most important thing is what they want, not what we think. That is what drives us to adopt a rigorous process to ensure we add value and deliver on our promises. We believe in developing long-term partnerships to complement the objectives of each organisation by providing people-centric talent solutions.”

Gary Blythe, Managing Director of Starlinks describes his experience Supply Chain People, “Supply Chain People were instrumental in building the people capability within Starlinks over the last 18 months. We communicated our needs and the vision of the business, across all functions within the business, and they were successful in finding talent, both locally and globally, to satisfy that need. Not just finding people but actually giving accurate and detailed knowledge of the industry to help us when considering our talent strategy. A true partner in every sense of the word.”

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