Covid-19: Why trust in the UAE will see it emerge even stronger

New ‘inspirational video unveiled by UAE Nation Brand underlines citizens and residents’ trust in the current procedures and looks to the future
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UAE Nation Brand has released an ‘inspirational’ video with a core message throughout: trust. The video, with a bold opening question of ‘Can a person trust a country?’, emphasises the message that by adopting the strong and necessary measures to curb the spread of Covid-19, the UAE sees beyond the current global pandemic, looking ahead to a promising future and safe environment.

Trust in the UAE comes with experience and knowledge, and through continued decisive action when it’s needed. The vast majority of the population – predominantly made up of expats – have been in the UAE for at least six months. Each new arrival to the UAE, which is home to 192 different nationalities, is attracted by any number of reasons.
The fine weather, the attractive (tax-free) remuneration; the numerous activities on offer; the ability to travel to new destinations, and the ability to prosper and make it a place you call home.

Above all, it’s a largely safe country to live in.

For the most part, as UAE residents we have probably become blasé about the opportunities that the UAE offers us and the working and social environment that allows businesses to grow and become a fabric of society.

It’s at times like this, when the authorities in each emirate have shown strong leadership, that we appreciate those who have helped carve out and make the UAE what it is today. At a time when the world is facing the biggest challenge in many generations, the UAE has been strong and authoritative in its bid to curb the spread of Covid-19.

UAE residents have followed each new directive in recent weeks for one principal reason – trust.

And that trust has been based on years of building a welcoming and multi-cultural country that has offered citizens and residents the opportunities to grow and thrive. It’s the same trust that has guided the UAE through the challenges of the coronavirus and the same trust that will see the country emerge from the crisis even stronger than before.

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