Nirvana Travel & Tourism launches cargo unit

The travel agency will be opening offices in the USA and Australia
Nirvana travel and tourism, Air cargo


Nirvana Travel & Tourism has launched an air, land and sea freight unit at its headquarters in Abu Dhabi.

Nirvana Travel & Tourism’s CEO, Alaa Al Ali said: “The launch of this new unit comes as part of our commitment to meet the high demand on shipping services in the UAE, which is the fastest growing in the world.”

Commenting on the growth in the shipping sector, he added: "The UAE has succeeded in attracting major international companies and has become a gateway to the GCC, Arab and Asian markets as well as to the various African markets. It is also a global re-export hub, all this contributed in stimulating the air and sea shipping sector.”

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Al-Ali said that the study issued by the Airports Council International, entitled "World Airport Traffic Forecasts 2018-2040" confirmed that UAE will become the third largest air freight market globally after America and China. The UAE will be ranked third in the world's fastest growing air transport markets with an annual growth of 5.7% .

The company has opened offices in China, Spain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom. It is also preparing to open offices in a number of Gulf countries and in the United States and Australia in the coming years.

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