CEVA enters South Korean express e-com market

CEVA Logistics launches its first express eCommerce services in South Korea on behalf of iHerb, a US-based natural health products company.
Ceva, South korea, E-commerce, Express logistics


CEVA Logistics has been chosen by iHerb to provide air export services to Japan and Singapore from their newly opened logistics and distribution center near South Korea's Incheon International Airport, the country’s main gateway airport.

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“This is a milestone for CEVA Korea because it is the first time that we operate a business-to-consumer express business in the country. We believe this high potential, win-win model will offer us positive growth prospects in the Korean B2C market,” says Bruce Lee, CEVA Korea business development head.

This new contract underlines CEVA Logistics’ outstanding commitment to carrier allocation, timely transfer of goods from Distribution Center to destination, competitive pricing, high quality service, and a dedicated team.

By choosing CEVA Logistics, iHerb also benefits from a jointly implemented data transfer system that will help it streamline its business, and from CEVA’s global network that will provide it services enabling it to scale up its business in the future.

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