Saudi Arabia to host International Cold Chain Management Congress

International Cold Chain Management Congress to explore opportunities in Saudi Arabia’s US $45-billion healthcare industry
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The International Cold Chain Management Congress (ICCM), co-organised by the Saudi Pharmaceutical Society (SPS) and Maarefah Management, will discuss innovation and critical challenges in the pharmaceutical supply chain.

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ICCM will take place on February 26 - 28 at the Movenpick in Riyadh.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia accounts for almost 59 percent of the pharmaceutical purchase in the region and the healthcare sector also holds the third largest share of 15.6 percent (US $45-billion) in the budget expenditure set aside by the government for 2019.

The Saudi government is resolved to channel funds into optimising local pharmaceutical industry and to create a robust healthcare infrastructure, which calls for improved cold chain management and perfect last mile delivery.

 Ensuring the quality and safety of products, packaging, as well as the security and storage of temperature sensitive products remains a challenge in the kingdom with its hot climate and desert geography.

The Kingdom also has a very strict regulatory framework for the transportation and handling of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals. These and other important topics will be discussed at the Congress with a focus on upcoming trends and innovative technologies disrupting the sector.

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Experts from leading solution providers in the pharmaceutical supply chain including Honeywell Middle East, Hino - Jamjoom Vehicles and Equipment, HALA Supply Chain Services Co, and Lisaline will be participating at the Congress.

“In tandem with the dynamic progress of the Saudi economy, Hino Motors has evolved in the market as a leading solution provider for transporting sophisticated and sensitive merchandise,” Jamjoom Vehicles and Equipments said in a statement.

Jamjoom Vehicles and Equipment (JVE) been a longstanding partner of HINO Motors for the last 5 decades in the country and its Total Support philosophy of Maximising uptime and Minimising downtime supports the requirements of pharmaceutical companies.

The three-day Congress will expound on the Kingdom’s burgeoning healthcare industry especially cold chain pharmaceutical products supply chain.

ICCM is an ideal platform that brings together players from healthcare, logistics, as well as support solution sector.

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