Globe Express looks for new warehousing solutions at Leaders in Logistics

Globe Express is the Gift Bag Sponsor for the 2018 Leaders in Logistics Summit, Logistics Middle East spoke with Mustapha Kawam, president and CEO at Globe Express Services about what he hopes to achieve at the conference and on why GES is taking part.
Mustapha Kawam, president & CEO at Globe Express Services.
Mustapha Kawam, president & CEO at Globe Express Services.


Globe Express is the Gift Bag Sponsor for the 2018 Leaders in Logistics Summit, Logistics Middle East spoke with Mustapha Kawam, president & CEO at Globe Express Services about what he hopes to achieve at the conference and on why GES is taking part.

LOG: Why is it important that you support the Leaders in Logistics Summit?

MK: The Leaders in Logistics Summit is a great opportunity to engage with industry leaders, pioneers, and like-minded peers and explore major new projects, innovations, and market opportunities at the regional and global levels.

Additionally, it will serve as a perfect venue to examine the newest trends and developments that are fast reshaping and influencing the modern logistics industry for us to better respond to these key changes. The summit is aligned with the company’s strategy to support important events that seek to further enhance existing logistics services and supply chain solutions worldwide. 

What do you think are the main challenges facing the logistics industry in 2018?

One of the major challenges facing the industry this year involves the ability of logistics players to meet the demand for technological innovations and real-time solutions for better customer experience. 

High-tech innovations and solutions are especially crucial in this day and age especially in light of the surging domestic trade and economic activities ahead of the upcoming Expo 2020; determined efforts to achieve UAE Vision 2021 goals; advancements in the local information and communications technology industry; economic diversification initiatives; and a customer-centric approach to services.

What most excites you about the UAE supply chain and logistics industry in 2018?

As one of the most developed global trade hubs, the strategically located nation is among the 63 countries worldwide that facilitates smooth functioning of trade, customs operations, and supply chains.

Further substantial opportunities exist within the local industry, making us at Globe Express Services (GES) and other players more excited to optimise new prospects. Further driving growth in the local market are the UAE’s unrivalled advantages such as highly-specialized free zones of international standards; network of industrial areas; business parks; most advanced telecommunication systems; world-class seaports, and a major international airport and cargo village. 

We are confident that the UAE supply chain and logistics industry is poised for more growth this year and beyond amid the increasing emphasis on globalisation, free trade, and outsourcing. For the latter, according to market studies, 80 per cent of the goods in the world will be manufactured in a country different from where they are consumed by 2020 compared to the current 20 per cent.

As we continue to witness tremendous shift in the movement and consumption of goods in store, we expect better management of the associated supply chain processes in the domestic market.

What are the main topics you expect to come up at the Leaders in Logistics Summit?

We are always keen on discovering what the market offers in terms of the latest warehouse technologies. We expect to discuss this topic with our peers to identify opportunities and challenges and learn from the local case studies to be presented during the event.

Moreover, we hope that the Leaders in Logistics Summit will touch on the GCC’s business-friendly environment and how this has helped in the growth of companies building their distribution operations in the region.

This is critical given that e-commerce is rapidly growing in the GCC and is now becoming a key growth driver for the logistics industry. In fact, the number of online buyers has increased by nearly 21 per cent from 2016 to 2017 mainly due to growing smartphone penetration rate as well as changing consumer behaviour and access to technology.

What are the latest product/service launches from your company?

We recently deployed our next-generation Transparency Intelligence Quality (TIQ) technology. This is a landmark move from our end especially amid the industry’s increasing adoption of Logistics 4.0; big data; artificial intelligence (AI); cloud computing; and socially responsible customer-driven solutions.

The highly accessible TIQ, which is designed to be seamlessly integrated with the most advanced tracking devices, is packed with top-of-the line features to enhance logistics and supply chain processes at every stage.

It provides the ability to safely and consistently monitor shipments and track the status of primary indicators like: temperature, shock, light, IR light, humidity and tilt, anywhere around the globe using laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

What other news can we expect from your company in 2018/2019?

At GES, we will continue to invest in essential assets, infrastructure, and human capital development.  The company will focus on these initiatives in the coming years.

Currently, GES enjoys strong market presence in the GCC, especially in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the UAE. The MENA travel and leisure (T&L) industry, which  recorded USD 73 billion in 2015 - of which the GCC’s transport and logistics industry accounted for AED 47 billion - is emerging as one of the region’s key economic contributors especially in the GCC.

Saudi Arabia's logistics market is the largest in the GCC, accounting for nearly 40 per cent of the total regional market size.

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