Palestine Trade Centre pushes UAE exports with ‘Made in Palestine’ initiative

The initiative benefits importers in the UAE by offering them a variety of products under a reliable brand.
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In an effort to expand the reach of Palestinian products in regional and international markets, the Palestine Trade Center (PalTrade) has launched the first phase of its ‘Made in Palestine’ initiative in the UAE.

The ‘Made in Palestine’ initiative aims to enhance the perception of Palestinian products and promote Palestine’s business environment in key international markets. It comes as part of fresh efforts from the Palestinian government to encourage the exports sector, including the recent celebration of Palestine Exports Day, when the initiative was formally announced by Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah.

“There is no better place than the UAE to launch the ‘Made in Palestine’ as this country is one of the most significant exports destinations in the region,” said Arafat Asfour, chairman of PalTrade. “The UAE also offers a vibrant and friendly business environment for Palestinian products and is a reliable trade partner contributing to the increase of export volumes in key sectors of the Palestinian economy.”

Hanan Taha, CEO of PalTrade, said: “This is a defining moment for Palestinian exporters as well as consumers of Palestinian goods in the UAE as we launch the ‘Made in Palestine’ initiative in this country. The initiative will introduce to the UAE market prime products from Palestine, produced under world class standards based on the accumulated experience and traditional expertise of local families across multiple generations.”  

The launch of the initiative in the UAE holds considerable relevance for Palestinian exports as it gives recognition to the products exported to this country by bringing them under a single brand umbrella.

It also raises hopes for new growth opportunities in the UAE market by paving the way for business-to-business meetings under the initiative. The first of such meetings and an exhibition of Palestinian products were organised on the side-lines of the initiative’s launch in Dubai.

The initiative benefits importers in the UAE by offering them a variety of products under a reliable brand. With PalTrade streamlining the entire operations under the initiative, the importers also have a single window option to access Palestinian goods, and enhance business relations with reliable manufacturers and service providers in Palestine.

The ‘Made in Palestine’ initiative will focus on expanding current exports of agro industry products such as olive oil, fresh herbs and dates in the UAE.

Another focal sector is the stone and marble industry, since quality Palestinian stone and marble products are in much demand in the UAE construction sector. 

The UAE is one of the top markets for Palestinian products with exports reaching US $23.2-million in 2016, according to latest available figures.

Olive oil represented the largest exports, valued at US $9.36 million, while stone and marble exports ranked second with US $7.8 million. Dates followed with US $3.76 million.

The ‘Made in Palestine’ initiative is expected to give a significant boost to other major manufacturing and service sectors as well that are contributing to Palestine’s economy, such as footwear and leather; furniture; textiles and garments; information and communication technology; and tourism.

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