Award Categories

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3PL of the Year

Awarded to the 3PL who has excelled in its ability to provide distribution, warehousing, or fulfilment services. Companies will be asked to provide recommendations from their logistics partners, as well as proof of their outstanding service.


Equipment Supplier of the Year

Awarded to the equipment supplier that has gone above and beyond in service to the logistics industry, and their sector. This award will focus on innovation, future-thinking, and ease-of-use. Companies will be asked to provide evidence of how they have made their mark on their particular logistics sector through innovation, service delivery, best practice, and customer centric focus.

Express Logistics Company of the Year

Awarded to the service provider that has delivered a portfolio of market-leading solutions within the Middle East’s express logistics sector over the past 12 months. Companies are asked to provide evidence of exceptional performance in the field of express logistics, including network coverage, volumes transported, customer service, world-class facilities and a broad range of delivery options. Examples of market innovation and regional investment will be taken into account.


Corporate Social Responsibility of the Year

Awarded to the organisation that has taken responsibility for the impact of their activities on customers, employees, shareholders, communities and the environment in all aspects of their operations.


Technology Solutions Provider of the Year

Logistics relies on technology, automation and equipment, this award recognises the companies deploying the advanced software and hardware solutions that make seamless warehouse and fleet management possible.


Supply Chain Hub of the Year

Supply Chain Hub of the Year recognises the contribution of the Middle East’s various ports and freezones in providing a convenient base in terms of services and regulation from which logistics giants are able to operate. This award recognises the ports and freezones going the extra mile in facilitating business start-up and operation.


FMCG Supply Chain of the Year

The Middle East imports more than 80% of its food, as such as the food and beverage sector is the largest in the logistics industry, while fast moving consumer goods as a whole make up the bulk of imported cargo. This category recognises the end-users, such as super markets, and the 3PLs, that operate seamless supply chains to get fresh produce into the region year-round. Entries will be judged not on scope of operations, but on the procedures, training and technology deployed to ensure a safe and efficient cold chain.


Retail Supply Chain of the Year

Many of the biggest names in online and brick-and-mortar retail in the region are home-grown while others are aggressively expanding in the region. They have particular challenges associated with getting bulky and odd-sized products, as well as time sensitive fashion trends to market and this category will recognise those that are finding new ways to increase speed to market, while limiting costs.

Energy Supply Chain of the Year

Oil and gas logistics and chemical logistics remain the backbone of the economy in the Middle East. This category will recognise the feat associated with transporting and storing volatile cargo in bulk and is open to oil majors and oil and gas logistics partners. This award is more concerned with innovation and commitment to excellence than total volume or market share.


Bespoke Logistics Project of the Year

This award recognises those one-off, unique projects that do not fall neatly into any of the categories above, whether it be moving several tons of flowers via the Middle East in a zeppelin or flying six dozen falcons aboard a chartered airliner. 3PLs and end-users that have organised or handled the logistics for such projects, or major events from the Dubai Boat Show or the Abu Dhabi F1 to the Dubai World Cup are welcome to enter.


Air Cargo Operator of the Year

Air cargo a decade ago was a simple A to B service with few value-added services. Now, it has become an industry unto itself, with specialisation by vertical and strict regulations regarding the handling of different types of cargoes. Despite this, increased safety and transparency, improved product quality and faster processing of cross-border shipments remain key challenges. This award recognises the air freight operators going out of their way to address these issues.


Breakbulk Operator of the Year

According to a 2018 report by Mena Research Partners, there are US $2.6-trillion worth of active construction projects across the GCC, with the majority of investment taking place in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, where major infrastructure projects are ongoing as part of the UAE Vision 2021 and Saudi Vision 2030, which aims to diversify the national economies. These major infrastructure and general construction projects require world-class breakbulk partners. This award recognises those breakbulk logistics providers rising to the challenge.


Logistics Executive of the Year

Our Logistics Executive of the Year Award recognises a single individual who, over the course of a long and illustrious career, has contributed consistently to the advancement of logistics and supply chain operations in the region.


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