MEA logistics salaries on the rise

Better wage also ranked as second most common reason to leave job.
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The Middle East is starting to see more double digit salary increases across the logistics industry, according to the Logistics Executive Supply Chain and Logistics 2013-14 Employment Market Survey Report.

This year 30.45 percent of survey respondents in the MEA region indicated that their salary had increased by more than 11 percent since their last salary review. However. the majority of those respondents (44.4 percent) had received an increase of 5 percent or less.

The findings were produced from research specialist recruiter Logistics Executive undertook in late 2013 for the report, which is now in its seventh year.

A total of 5187 respondents from 80 countries were questioned, of which 24.2 percent are based in the Middle East. Other respondents are based in the Indian Sub-Continent (18.1 percent), South East Asia (16.7 percent), Australasia (16.6 percent), Europe (6.85 percent), Africa (5.5 percent), North East Asia/China (4.5 percent), with executives from other regions providing the remaining responses.

Over 50 percent of those who completed the survey are executives employed in supply chain, logistics, transport, procurement, inventory, distribution or warehousing roles, across more than 41 industry sectors including contract logistics, 3PL, FMCG, mining and resources, manufacturing, transport, oil and gas, and freight forwarding

In terms of total respondents, 72.35 percent received modest pay rises in 2013 of 10 percent or less. The survey showed that 20.10 percent of the total respondents reported an increase of 15 percent or greater, which suggests a strengthening in demand for talent and improving economic conditions across the surveyed regions.

According to the survey results, the primary reason professionals left their most recent employer was the inability to advance in their career. Better remuneration ranked the second most common reason and employer values ranked third as reasons for leaving.

Kim Winter, chief executive officer of Logistics Executive Group, said: "These results provide strong evidence that employers should focus on career advancement as a key talent retention strategy and that those seeking to attract talent should consider focusing on development and a clear career track in their offering to new employees, rather than solely focusing on commercial factors which the Survey suggest are less of a motivation to many new employees."

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