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With a regular flow of logistics success stories, it seems the Middle East region has perfected supply chain management
Off road logistics challenges
Off road logistics challenges


With a regular flow of success stories reported from the Middle East logistics industry, it almost seems the region has perfected the art of supply chain management. Of course, whilst logistical mistakes are not a regular occurrence, they happen through the world, and the Middle East is no exception.

The idealists among us would like to believe that the supply chain is consistently effortless and smooth. Unfortunately this is not always the reality.

Logistic projects can encounter problems, run over schedule and blow their budget. A recent example of this is the Abu Dhabi Classic Car Rally which was postponed this year due to a delay in the transportation of some racing cars. According to Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority (ADTA), the adjournment of the event was due to "an unforeseeable problem in transport logistics." The specific details of this apparent transportation error were not revealed, as the event organisers refused to comment. What we do know is that a logistical disaster of this scale would have lost Abu Dhabi an awful lot of money, not to mention the Classic Car Rally's reputation.

This is why it is so important for logistic companies these days to install rigorous planning, the most advanced technology, and a loyal workforce to ensure smooth operations, particularly in something so public as event logistics.

This is something that companies such as GAC are acutely aware of, as they have supplied the logistics for events like the Robbie Williams concert in Dubai, the UAE desert challenge and the Asian games in Qatar.

Although these all seemed to have run smoothly, there is huge potential for disaster. For example, the Asian games involved GAC offering logistic solutions for people and equipment in the 45 participating countries, as well as making special arrangements to handle over 140 horses for the equestrian event.

The risk therefore of organisations entering niche markets like the events industry is that things can go wrong, and this could result in forwarding companies not only losing a lot of revenue, but also being put out of business. However, with diligent planning and close attention to detail, logistics companies can continue to showcase their solutions to the events industry and receive a standing ovation.

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