DMCA issues Safe Manning Document to marine crafts

New initiative launched to maintain safety.


 Dubai Maritime City Authority has announced the launch of a new initiative covering the issuance of Safe Manning Documents for marine crafts.

In line with this, all commercial marine crafts and traditional dhows, with the exception of abras, are required to obtain a Safe Manning Document before boating in Dubai waters.

The new ruling helps ensure the full compliance of these marine crafts and dhows with the requirements and regulations set by DMCA.

The aim of this initiative is to maintain the safety of marine crafts and their crewmembers in line with DMCA’s efforts to achieve integration between maritime safety, safe navigation and operational efficiency of marine crafts across Dubai coastline.

This will ensure the maritime industry’s competiveness at the regional and international levels.

Amer Ali, Executive Director, Dubai Maritime City Authority, says the new initiative reaffirms the Authority’s commitment to prompt Dubai’s transformation into one of the most advanced maritime and business destinations in the world.

“Through such initiatives, we look forward to make a radically positive change in maritime regulations and operational strategies to boost industry performance, safety, efficiency and competitiveness while also reinforcing the leading position of Dubai as a first-class international maritime hub,” Ali said.

A Safe Manning Document is not issued unless the number of crewmembers is enough to operate the marine craft and complete their mission in a safe manner without compromising the marine environment, facilities or mooring berths.

The communication language used must also be understood by all members. Workers on the marine craft must have completed training sessions related to use of safety and rescue equipment, first aid, public safety, fire fighting and water pollution.

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