Dubai starts using drones to deliver parcels

Unmanned aerial drones to deliver government documents.
(Getty Images - Photo for illustrative purpose only)
(Getty Images - Photo for illustrative purpose only)


Dubai has started using unmanned aerial drones to deliver government documents in what it has said is a world first.

As part of a six-month trial, documents were sent from the government’s Bur Dubai office to Deira.

“The UAV crossed the Creek and delivered the documents in three minutes only,” government official Sauood Al Malih, who is working on the project, told Emirates 24/7, which released a video of the test-run on YouTube.

The drone was revealed in February by the UAE government, which said it would eventually be used to deliver identity cards, driving licences and other permits, as well as monitoring traffic and geographic surveys.

The battery-operated vehicle is about half a metre wide and resembles a butterfly with a top compartment that can carry small parcels.

Coloured white and enblazoned with the UAE flag, it is propelled by four rotors, while a remote pilot can track and control the vehicle in real time.

Fingerprint and eye-recognition security systems are used to protect the drones and their cargo.

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