Drydocks World heads to Japan

Dubai based yard to showcase capabilities.


 Drydocks World and Dubai Maritime City Group is in Japan this week participating in the Sea Japan conference and exhibition.

Drydocks World says the Japanese market is a very important market for the Group and participation is aimed at reinforcing its reach within this market and to providing clients with an update on services and new projects being undertaken.

This year Sea Japan will focus on issues relating to environmental protection, advanced ocean technology, offshore exploration and maritime security. Prototypes and production examples for low-energy and environmentally friendly vessels will receive major attention. This is an area where the Group has undertaken some pioneering work at the global level.

The Group has manufactured a range of specialised ships, including seismic survey vessels for research to identify the best possible subsea areas to drill for oil. These vessels have the ‘green passport’ for energy, efficiency and environment management. These are some of the most multi-functional offshore support vessels and generate more progress in the growth of the oil and gas industry all over the world than any other type of ships. These vessels have broken the world bollard pull record by an AHTS, at 402.4T, surpassing the previous record of 397T.

The launch of the Dubai Maritime Green initiative is of great interest to the global marine industry because of its importance for a sustainable green future.

As part of this exhibition and conference, His Excellency Khamis Juma Buamim, Chairman & Group CEO of Drydocks World & Dubai Maritime City will speak on the subject of The Big Picture - Transformation of Business in the Middle East.

This address will focus on a holistic understanding of the issues and approaches of undertaking a business transformation in the world with special emphasis on the way it effects the marine and maritime industries in the Middle East, South Asia and Africa region.

The talk will explore and identify the best strategies and actions to take advantage of the potential opportunities with experiential examples based on the success of Drydocks World and Dubai Maritime City in its transformation initiative.

“The services and facilities offered by our shipyard have been used by almost all of the major Japanese ship owners and businessmen the increased business from this market demonstrates their confidence in the capabilities of our group to deliver top quality service. The Group maintains a local presence in this market and this has helped in building customer confidence while ensuring efficient client servicing and follow up. The Japanese market constitutes a large percentage of our annual repair and maintenance business and we are pleased to see volumes continue to increase,” Buamim said.

“The Japanese shipping market is one of the largest and most diversified anywhere in the world. Our market presence has been relatively recent but we have been more than just successful in achieving substantial market penetration. The size of our business in Japan has grown to US$35million during the past seven months and we expect orders to be at an average of 17 ships per year,’ he added.

Buamim says Drydocks World have been constantly nurturing their relationships with vessel owners and have seen this approach reap rewards.

“Customer service and quality is of prime importance to us and we have dedicated resources to address the needs of our Japanese clients by setting up dedicated marine specialists, business networks and a robust supply chain,” Buamim explained.

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