COSCO ships join search for missing airplane

Still no clues on whereabouts of missing aircraft.


 China’s COSCO has sent vessels to assist in the search for the missing Malaysian Airlines aircraft.

The COSCO bulk carrier Tai Shun Hai started searching for the missing passenger plane yesterday at a possible accident site in the South China Sea, according to China's Ministry of Transport.

Tai Shun Hai, a 47,000-dwt carrier with cranes on its way to Qinzhou, Guangxi province, is the first vessel to start searching for the missing airplane, while another four vessels from COSCO are standing by in seas nearby waiting for instructions.

China Coast Guard 3411 arrived at the site yesterday and joined in the search immediately.

South China Sea Rescue 101, South China Sea Rescue 115 and Hai Xun 31, as well as four Chinese Navy warships, Jing Gang Shan, Mian Yang, Kun Lun Shan and Jing Gang Shan, are en route to the possible crash site.

The Beijing-bound Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 carrying 227 people lost contact with air traffic control about two hours after leaving Kuala Lumpur early on 8 March.

At present, the search for the missing plane is underway, but no clues have been found yet, according to the ministry.

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