Aramex launches new cold chain solution

Solution provides patients with access to global health services.


 Aramex has launched a new cold supply chain service, available across all its MENA markets.

Biocare, is an innovative solution for the healthcare sector, providing an end to end temperature controlled delivery solution suitable for laboratories, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies, to move clinical specimens and medical samples domestically and globally.

The Biocare solution comes with its own special boxes which can maintain the required temperatures during shipping. The solution is ideal for transporting blood samples, human fluids and medications that need to be preserved under specific temperatures and delivered within a certain time-frame.

Biocare caters for both infectious and non-hazardous samples; moving these using a Biocare solution will provide shippers with a durable transportation, compliant with IATA packaging regulations.

The solution brings an added value to customers whereby it offers temperature monitoring during the entire supply chain, from pickup to delivery, using special data loggers. The data loggers can be used several times and collect temperatures at specific intervals as required by the client to sample the quality of the temperature maintained.

As further evidence of Aramex’s commitment to the highest levels of quality and service, they have ensured that Biocare is also certified by BSI, the business standards company that helps organisations perform better by capturing best practice and helping an organisation implement a standard every step of the way.

Aramex’s Biocare solution can cater for three temperature ranges: frozen (below zero), cold (2 to 8 °C), and ambient (15 to 25 °C) and is suitable for both domestic and international shipping. In addition, Biocare provides a delivery time-frame of 72 hours or less depending on the destination required.

What differentiates Biocare from other cold chain services is that it goes further than existing medical courier services as it provides a start to finish complete cold supply chain solution. This includes handling clearance processes and documentations required to enable the Biocare boxes to move swiftly through customs, so that both temperature and delivery time can be guaranteed. This allows Aramex to provide door to door, time-definite transportation.

Sami Hammoudeh, Global Director of Customer Relationship Management at Aramex, says the company identified a need in the market, as the healthcare sector wanted an end-to-end solution for moving clinical specimens and medical samples to different destinations.

“We developed the Biocare solution after interviewing customers and understanding their exact needs,” Hammoudeh said.

The Biocare solution was initially rolled out in a few key markets on a soft launch basis ahead of the region-wide launch in March 2014.

“We learnt that without an end-to-end solution to maintain temperatures, clinical specimens and medical samples were getting damaged. A blood sample that is transported incorrectly can cause haemolysis, the disintegration of red blood cells, which in turn leads to additional costs for extracting the blood sample and shipping it again. A major benefit for the healthcare sector is the added value that Biocare brings – it is not only a very cost effective solution but also a specialised service designed with our customer in mind,” Hammoudeh added.

Aramex has partnered with National Guard Health Affairs Hospital (NGHA) in Saudi Arabia and has become the backbone for their central clinical testing. Using Biocare, NGHA are offered a complete solution with next day delivery for their clinical samples domestically – from medical centres across Saudi Arabia to their main laboratory in Riyadh - and internationally – from GCC countries into Saudi Arabia.
Biocare has also become a vital element in fighting cancer by transporting clinical specimens from Libya to the King Hussein Cancer Centre (KHCC) in Jordan for diagnostic purposes. With Biocare, the specimens are directly delivered to KHCC laboratory in Jordan, within 30 hours at a temperature of 2 to 8 degrees.

In addition to the above, Biocare is offering an end-to-end solution for Metropolis Hospital in South Africa. Aramex arranges sample pickups from nurses across South Africa and delivers the samples back to Metropolis Lab within 12 or 48 hour delivery depending on the type of the collected specimens and their urgency. With the Biocare Solution, Metropolis Hospital was able to reduce the deterioration of the samples and misallocation of the shipments due to visibility and tracking.

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