OSC has GCC's most valuable bulkers

Vale Shaham most expensive bulker in the region.


 The Oman Shipping Company has four of the five most expensive bulkers in the Middle East.

Figures released by online evaluation and tracking service VesselsValue.com show that OSC’s four bulkers are the most valuable in the region.

They include the 400,700-dwt Vale Shaham (built-2013), the region’s most expensive bulker, valued at $99.6m.

Just behind is the 400,300-dwt Vale Shinas (built 2013) at $99.5m, followed by the 400,300-dwt Vale Liwa ($93.1m) and the 388,000-dwt Vale Sohar ($93.1m).

The fifth most valuable bulker in the region is the 61,400-dwt African Kite, an ultramax that belongs to the Dubai-headquartered MUR Shipping and is valued at $32.8m.

VesselsValue.com says there is an obvious big difference between the Oman Shipping vessels and the next highest value vessel which is mostly to do with size, the Oman Shipping vessels are 400,000+ -dwt while the Afrian Kite is 61,400-dwt.

The Oman Shipping Company has 29 vessels in its fleet, including 20 tankers, five LNG carriers and the four bulkers. The total value of its fleet is estimates at close to $2.5billion.

Incorporated in 2003, OSC is a closed joint stock company, owned by the Government of the Sultanate of Oman through its Ministry of Finance (80 per cent) and the Oman Oil Company (20 per cent).

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