Level421 moves operations to Dubai

German satcom firm wants to be closer to customers


 German satellite communication business Level421 has moved its operations to the UAE to take advantage of Dubai’s central location, low manufacturing costs and supply chain network.

Level421 provides two-way internet broadband connectivity on various satellites around the world, servicing a variety of industries with a strong focus on maritime, oil and gas, mining and construction.

General Manager Markus Haut says the Middle East is the ‘’centre of the world’’ and it is ‘’ just the logic consequence to put also our main operations there.’’

‘’Besides this, Dubai World Central offers us a strategic harbour as we are currently working on an aircraft based system,’’ Haut told M&PME.

He says by 2020 the region will be the main hub of airline traffic.

‘’It’s just logic to go where your future customers will be located,’’ added Haut.

The German says there are many reasons why Level421 have chosen to move operations to Dubai.

They include lower manufacturing labour costs than Europe, a better supply chain from their manufacturers in Asia and quick accessibility via air cargo to all regions worldwide.

‘’We also want to be close to our customers. Our customers sit international therefore Dubai is the best place to find a mix of all cultures to best possible understand and address our customers,’’ said Haut.

He says so far setting up operations in Dubai has been easier than doing something comparable in Germany.

‘’Some things maybe take more time as we learned, but others are also easier,’’ said Haut.

He says operations will begin with very few people and business will decide how quickly the company grows in Dubai. He says the company’s head office will keep a close eye on developments.

‘’Development continues to be performed in Germany. Our network operating will be managed and monitored from Germany.’’

Haut says initially Level421 will place one engineer from Germany to survey the production and perform training on support for their traveltronic product and remains confident they can train local staff, which he says do not have to be too highly skilled.

‘’Our ALLinONE solution is pretty service and maintenance free. We will not need any technicians going out to repair it,’’ said Haut.

’This is one of the biggest benefits of the ALLinONE concept,’ he added.

He says Level421 offers three products at the moment,
MICRO.CONNECT a GSM operated small outdoor mountable box, which provides 1,2,3 or 4 GSM channels, which provide GSM coverage to 535 GSM providers worldwide, SAT.ONLY, a classic V_SAT system in C, KU or KA band and ALL.in.ONE, the integrated SATCOM and GSM solution which has no indoor electronics as everything is outdoor.

Haut says customers include companies in a variety of sectors.

‘’Our products are interesting for customers in the maritime industry but also oil and gas, transportation, emergency communication, hotels and video surveillance to name a few,’’ said Haut.

He believes the company’s new type of maritime solutions, ALLinOne and MICRO.CONNECT will ‘’cause some nice noise in the market.’’

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