Aramex launches new delivery system

New address verification system is "first of its kind" in the region.
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Aramex has launched a new address verification system, My Address, to tackle the inconsistent and unstructured addressing systems across the Middle East.

Often addresses have to be manually verified with customers by phone before orders can be delivered. This is inconvenient for individuals and impacts Aramex’s productivity, increases costs due to time spent on the telephone and consumes more fuel as drivers search for the right location.

The first system of its kind from a logistics company, My Address will improve Aramex’s efficiency and customer service by eliminating these bottlenecks in its daily operations. Using a web interface, Aramex customers will be able to pinpoint their exact position as well as select a delivery time when they place an order. Each customer’s address details will then be saved securely for their future deliveries.

When placing an order, banking or buying online with a business or organisation that uses Aramex courier services, customers will receive an SMS directing them to identify their preferred delivery location and select a time on the My Address website – eliminating the need for time consuming and repeated telephone verification. As a result, customers can be easily located and vehicles routed efficiently to the verified addresses.

Faris Fallouh, Director of Express and Ground Operations at Aramex said: “Aramex is continually innovating, looking for solutions that streamline operational processes to boost our efficiency and improve our service for customers. The key challenge for us was to develop a process for capturing accurate delivery addresses at the ordering stage – and the answer was My Address, a web interface where customers can precisely determine their own positions on the map and select when they want their package to arrive.”

Aramex also expects that its My Address verification system will boost e-commerce activity across the region as, at present, most e-commerce orders are currently Cash on Delivery (COD). This adds to the urgency of verifying an accurate address, as customers waiting for an order often change their mind and cancel. This incurs further costs as items are returned to warehouses and vendors.

Mohanned Hamdan, Global Delivery Solutions Director, said: “My Address is revolutionary. As the leader in the personalized delivery sector, Aramex is committed to providing customers with the most innovative solutions, carefully tailored to their needs. Our vision is to replace the traditional call centre activities throughout the region with My Address, and provide customers with state of the art address location technology and reliable appointments. My Address will change the way we do business, and give more opportunities for our customers to improve delivery service and transit times.”

With this new system, Aramex has seen significant increases in productivity and valuable reductions in telephone calls and time as drivers go direct to the delivery point at a time when the customer is available. All of Aramex’s banking and e-commerce customers have signed up to My Address already.

The technology that has enabled Aramex to launch My Address has been developed in partnership with HERE (a Nokia business) and HERE Location Platform, offering the most up to date maps for the region and critical to the success of the system. The data collected on the web interface is then streamed to on the ground couriers and drivers via handheld GPS enabled devices

The Aramex My Address system is now live in five countries - UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar - across the Middle East and Aramex has plans to roll out My Address to another four countries in the next three months.


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