World's most eco-friendly PSV delivered

Vessel on long term charter to Shell.


 The platform supply vessel Edda Ferd was delivered today from Astilleros Gondan yard in Spain to the Norwegian company Ostensjo Rederi.

In a couple of days the vessel will sail for Aberdeen, where she will start a long-term charter for Shell UK Ltd.

The vessel is one of the world’s most environmentally friendly PSVs, and features a new propulsion concept including diesel generator sets with variable rpm developed together with Siemens’ BlueDrive Plus C concept.

A hybrid solution with two battery packages further reduces fuel consumption and emissions.

Edda Ferd has the length of 92,60 m, breadth of 20,6 m, can accommodate a crew of 40 and has the deck area of 1.000 m2.

The companies behind Edda Ferd include Astilleros Gondan, Siemens Norway, Skipsteknisk AS, Carl J. Amundsen Consulting Marine Engineers and Naval Architects, and Ostensjo Rederi.

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