DMCA looks to improve maritime hub

DMCA meets Dubai Shipping Agents Association.
DMCA officials have met with representatives of the Dubai Shipping Agents Association.
DMCA officials have met with representatives of the Dubai Shipping Agents Association.


 The Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA) has met with the Dubai Shipping Agents Association to discuss key performance indicators of the maritime services industry and review the progress made on modernising maritime legislation and regulations.

The meeting also covered the application of new requirements for ensuring the management of marine operations in accordance with the best occupational safety standards and practices and the latest local and international policies.

The aggregate function of marine licensing services as an integrated regulatory framework for ensuring compliance with maritime safety, safe navigation and operational efficiency along Dubai’s coastline was another focal point of discussions.

Capt. Khamis Mohammed Would Ghumail, Manager – Navigational Services, DMCA, says the meeting was an important platform for exchanging insights on the development of navigational operations and the improvement of maritime licensing services.

“It enabled participants to keep pace with emerging trends and helped attract regional and international investors. These are all in line with the strategic plan of consolidating Dubai's position as a world-class maritime hub through the extensive development, organisation and promotion of the local maritime sector,” Would Ghumail said.

During the session, Would Ghumail emphasised how the participating members of the Dubai Shipping Agents Association play integral roles in supporting the DMCA’s vision of creating a dynamic and safe maritime sector in Dubai.

He highlighted the desire of both parties to organise quarterly meetings to ensure the creation of effective strategies for supporting the operations of international and regional shipping lines that serve Dubai and enhance the competitiveness of the local maritime sector.
This, he explained, will further consolidate the maritime sector’s impact as one of the emirate’s key economic pillars.

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