Jebel Ali ready for Expo 2020 - DP World VP

Mohammed Al Muallem confident ahead of announcement.
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The UAE’s leading port is prepared to handle the increased traffic that Expo 2020 would bring, should Dubai’s bid be successful.

The final vote on the Expo will take place in Paris on November 27 with Dubai considered the favourite.

Mohammed Al Muallem, the Senior Vice President & Managing Director UAE of DP World, says the ingredients are there for Dubai to host Expo 2020.

“We hope and wish that Dubai will win. It will position UAE and Dubai to be a country which is able to host such a large scale event, it will further build our brand name globally and reaffirm our reputation that we can host huge events,” Muallem said in an interview with Arabian Supply Chain.

He says the event will also have a massive impact on the economy.

“It is projected that 26million people will visit within the six months, so that in itself will boost our economy.”

Muallem says the UAE can only benefit from the experience.

“We see it is a hugely positive thing.”

He says Jebel Ali is ready and able to accommodate the high volumes of traffic expected if Dubai wins.

“We had a delegation from Expo 2020 visit us a few times, conducting a field trip during which they looked at our capabilities and examined how can Jebel Ali handle the requirements of Dubai hosting the event. They were impressed by what they saw.”

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