Crane Worldwide Logistics opens new office in India

New office is located in Delhi and will be led by Rohit Thussu.
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Crane Worldwide Logistics has launched its new office in Delhi, India. The new facility will allow Crane Worldwide to support their customers in the region.

“Delhi has long been known as the airfreight gateway for North India,” said John Magee, president and CEO of Crane Worldwide. “India’s customs clearance was recently changed to a 24/7 basis in Delhi and three of its other airports. Our new office is strategically placed to provide the full range of services out of the Delhi office to our customers.”

The Delhi office will be led by Rohit Thussu, Crane Worldwide’s sales director in India. The office will support all clients based out of Delhi-NCR and Northern India.

“The Delhi office is important because we want to continue to provide our customers in India with high touch, high value services,” said Magee. “Not only will the Delhi office continue the Crane Worldwide standard of challenging the norm, but they will also focus on growth for the next year and help us to bolster Crane Worldwide’s continued growth.”


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