Globe Express eyes Turkey air freight expansion

Globe Express Services to also focus on ocean freight operations.


Globe Express Services (GES) is planning to expand its air freight business in Turkey.

Since establishing in Istanbul in 2006 and its merger with the Overseas Group, the Turkey office has adopted a new strategy of building up a self-sustained presence in the region.

It began cooperating more closely with Gulf offices in key markets such as Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Lebanon, with an eye towards later expansion to other parts of the world.

The company has made great strides in improving its air freight transactions and is aiming to make the same strong impact on ocean freight moving forward.

Turkey is a key market for GES since it serves as a commercial bridge between Europe and Asia. The country boasts of one of the largest land transportation fleets in Europe and also enjoys a competitive advantage in maritime transport since it is surrounded by seas on three sides with the Mediterranean, the Aegean, and the Black Sea, together with the straits of the Dardanelles and the Bosphorus.

In 2011, the office began investing in the development of more business and recruiting the right people for its sales and operations push in Turkey.

Looking ahead, GES aims to extend its activities to the southern parts of the country while further accelerating business in untapped local markets.


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