Egypt arrests 3 who machine-gunned ship in Suez Canal

Rocket-propelled grenade also used in the attack on container ship.
Image for illustrative purposes only.
Image for illustrative purposes only.


Three people were arrested for a machine gun attack on a container ship in the Suez Canal this week, the Independent reported.

Egyptian police say the purpose of the attack was to tarnish the country’s image. They claim that even if the rocket-propelled grenade used in the attack on the Panama-registered COSCO ASIA had struck the ship, it would have had “limited” impact.

A forced closure to the Suez Canal would have a serious impact on the maritime industry and hammer Egypt's economy, which depends heavily on revenue from the 192-km (120 mile) waterway, the quickest sea route between Asia and Europe.

The report said that Egypt’s armed forces are strengthening security measures in the Suez Canal.

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