Interview: Ateequr Rahman, Almajdouie De Rijke

MdR JV handles over seven million tonnes of polymer annually.


Interview: Ateequr Rahman, Almajdouie De Rijke

About: Ateequr Rahman is the general manager of Almajdouie De Rijke Logistics Co. (MdR). MdR is Joint Venture between Almajdouie Group (Saudi Arabia) and De Rijke Logistics (Netherlands), and is the second largest petrochem logistics firm in the world handling over seven million tonnes of polymer annually.

[1] Can you tell us about the MdR-Sadara contract?

Sadara is the talk of the industry today; it is the biggest project ever announced from the oil rich region. Sadara is a petrochemical facility coming up in Jubail-2, with 26 different plants and with many speciality products. Sadara complex will represent the largest petrochemical facility ever built in a single phase. Obviously, to operate such a large facility, logistics plays an important role. Sadara have selected MdR as their service provider and partner. The contract covers all in plant logistics and handling of raw material and the finished product. The project has a wide-range scope starting from pre-commissioning and commissioning, packaging and drumming, warehousing, raw material management, container handling, internal transport and maintenance of Sadara equipment. Sadara have planned on a long-term basis. Initially the contract duration is for five years, but can be extended for another five.

[2] What does this mean for MdR?

Well, with a project of this size MdR is ready to face the challenges, right from personnel, infrastructure planning and the equipment. One of the challenges for this project is to hunt for professional and skilled manpower from the industry. There is enormous competition amongst these professions. As almost 500 plus staff will be added to MDR; we have set milestones and target dates to meet the challenge.

[3] is this the largest contract MDR has won?

There will be a total of about three million tonnes of finished products yearly after the completion of project. These volumes will be the largest quantities handled for MdR or any other company operating in the region. But I think at this stage it will be premature to state any value as we foresee that many scope-related tasks will be added to the original ones.

[4] which are the top three companies that the company currently serves?

MdR operates in plants and remote facilities. The major plants are Yansab, Saudi Kayan, Ibn Zahr, to which MdR provides onsite and multi-customer facilities. The overflow material for these and other plants is handled in our remote facilities.

[5] What growth plans does MDR have for the next three years?

As we all know, the Saudi and GCC market is a growing market. Our plans are to expand in terms of specialised multi customer warehousing and with this contract our vision is to extend our liquid handling activities and relevant businesses. Currently we have a strong presence in KSA, but our aim is to expand in the Gulf region.

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