Qatar Ashghal road contracts are 'a year too late'

Qatar's Public Works Authority is inviting bids for 27 road projects.
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By: James Henderson

Qatar’s Public Works Authority, Ashghal is currently inviting bids for a number of road projects, but its timetable has been described as being at least a year behind.

The tender will award 27 packages of urban and rural expressway deals to be completed over the next five years in and around Doha city, with contracts being offered under both conventional and design and build packages.

But Claudia Muntean, business development manager UAE & Qatar, Al Manader Road Constructing believes the road and highways building programme is running behind schedule.

“I personally think that the Ashghal announcement should have been made at least a year back, which would have given companies more time to register and Ashghal a longer period to get organised for such a big operation,” she commented.

A number of infrastructure awards have been made in recent months in Qatar, but Muntean says the late nature of the announcements are putting pressure on companies working in the construction industry

“I think that most of the projects in Qatar are late in developing and it puts a strain on the companies to complete their projects by 2022.

“Things are beginning to move which is better than being on hold, but we need to see more movement in the construction industry in the near future.”


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