Dredge Yard delivers bow couplings with duplex ball

Dubai-based yard designs product for use on two existing dredgers.
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Dubai-based Dredge Yard has delivered two 600m bow couplings to a dredging company in Europe.

The bow couplings will be used on two existing dredgers for the quick coupling and dis-coupling.

They were designed, produced and tested for working pressure of ten bars in Dredge Yard’s facilities in Dubai. These couplings are provided with a hydraulically operated locking system for quick as well as easy locking and releasing of the discharge lines offering the possibility to reduce time between phases of the dredging activity.

The bow couplings are equipped with duplex ball to prevent rust and achieve wear performance. To clamp the ball in the bow coupling casing two half-moon bars are provided around the gland enforced by one hydraulic cylinder. Inside the ball a wear resistant ball liner is provided to increase the life time of the coupling.

Moreover, two hydraulically operated locking pins are provided for securing the locking clamps during high pressure discharging, making them more reliable during operations. In addition, major parts which are affected during operations can be easily repaired or replaced.

With Dredge Yard’s improved locking system design, it’s more reliable, less time consuming and hence, cost effective.

They are available in a wide range of sizes from 400mm to 1200mm with working pressure between ten to 30 bars.


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