GL Academy Dubai to host MLC workshop

Two-day workshop on Maritime Labour Convention 2006 compliance.
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GL Academy Dubai is hosting a two-day ILO Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (MLC 2006) implementation workshop from September 11-12.

The workshop offers explanations and solutions for compliance with the MLC, 2006. The requirements will be analysed in detail and the relevant information for ship’s crew, ship managers and crewing managers will be discussed. Particular attention is paid to those areas of MLC 2006 where individual conversion of ILO Member States (Flag Administration) is expected.

The course focuses on:

  • Background and development of MLC, 2006
  • Structure and contents
  • Requirements for ship managers, crewing managers and the operation of ships
  • Implementation in daily practice
  • Approaches for the implementation aboard and ashore
  • Certification and monitoring

Those attending will be superintendents, fleet managers, crewing managers, nautical officers, engineers, assistants (crewing), yard design managers, production managers and engineers.

MLC 2006 came into force on August 20. The convention will establish minimum working and living standards for seafarers and be an essential step toward ensuring fair competition and a level-playing field for quality ship-owners flying the flags of ratifying countries.

With the ratification of the MLC 2006 by the United Kingdom on August 11, 41 ILO Member States, representing 75.3 per cent of the world gross tonnage of ships and more than 50 per cent of the world’s 1.2 million seafarers have now committed themselves to the convention.

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