Sharjah completes $2m roads project

Meanwhile, more road expansion projects announced for emirate.
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Dh7.3 million (Dh1.99) of roads projects have been completed in Sharjah, according to the emirate’s Directorate of Public Works, the Khaleej Times newspaper reported recently.

The newspaper quoted Suliman Al Hajiri, manager of the Road Projects Department, saying that the projects involved constructing new sub-roads in Al Khawalid and Al Ma'ashi suburbs in the Al Madam area with a total cost of Dh7.3 million. The projects involved constructing a single road with two lanes and a road shoulder, in addition to a roundabout that distributes traffic movement to government housing area.

The roads were designed to provide side pavements with earth ducts for lighting services as well as other ducts for future expected services in accordance to the highest traffic safety standards. The roads will facilitate the movement of the inhabitants from the two suburbs and the neighbouring areas to Al Madam area, and vice versa.

Suliman Al Hajiri also announced the project of constructing new roads and car parks for the municipality building, the public park and Ladies Club in Al Madam with a total cost of Dh2.3 million.

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