Dredge Yard develops new water ball joint design

Water Ball Joint 700 makes it more economical for transporting water.
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UAE-based Dredge Yard has developed a new design for its water ball joint.

The new Water Ball Joint 700, which has recently been delivered to Baku in Azerbaijan, was designed by Dredge Yard’s team of engineers and makes it more economical and suitable for transporting water.

Water ball joint 700mm is suitable for ten-bar working pressure and has been tested up to 18 bars. It has a tilting angle 15 degrees to all directions.

The grease grooves are provided in the case which makes the lubrication work much easier and effective than before.
A new design of rubber seal is provided in the case to make the water ball joint tight even at higher pressure than working pressure.

All the ball joints have been produced in Dredge Yard’s facilities by using latest production technologies and casting expertise.

To assure high quality and hence, better life, all the ball joints underwent stringent tests and inspections during the production process.

Dredge Yard is currently producing heavy duty water ball joint for I.D. 1200mm using the same design principle and new sealing design.

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