Five Minutes With: P&O Maritime MD Rado Antolovic

Antolovic has more than 35 years experience in the shipping industry.
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In June, DP World announced that Rado Antolovic was returning to the company as the managing director of its subsidiary P&O Maritime. Antolovic brings into the role more than 35 years’ experience in the shipping and port industry across the world.

How have the first weeks been in your new role?
The first few weeks on the job have been extremely busy and are fundamental for long-term success. I certainly have some advantages by working previously with P&O Ports, P&O Maritime major shareholders and DP World, and taking over the reins at the company which has undergone successful restructuring. My priorities during this initial stage are to establish clear direction and an efficient communication flow; and to meet with all P&O Maritime management and employees.
I also plan to set-up a 100-day action plan which includes a seamless transition uninterrupted day-to-day running of the business, and to review the way forward.

What areas of the company will you oversee and develop?
All areas of the business; providing my direct reports and employees with clear direction and necessary support. We have three strategic core businesses to develop across the globe: government services; port-marine services; and barging services.

What are your short and long-term goals for P&O Maritime?
To continue delivering first-class and injury-free services to our existing clients; providing leadership to employees; strengthening our relations with all existing and potential clients; preparing a long-term business plan for board approval and meeting the budget. My long-term goal is to grow our existing business and to secure new sustainable long-term business, improving financial results, value and adding to our global presence. We also aim to provide a unique and highly competitive level of services by developing our exceptionally skilled, efficient, flexible and multi-skilled employees. Other priorities are to perform at the highest level of safety, health, environment and industry standards. And to hoist the P&O Maritime flag above its competitors leveraging our 176 years of history and professionalism, the longest heritage in the industry.

You have worked in Hong Kong, Malta, Italy and Australia – how do the Middle East and Gulf compare in terms of standards and growth?
The Middle East and Gulf have progressed enormously in the last 20 years both in industry standards and the level of services, and I see it as a sustainable and growing market.

What are the biggest trends emerging in the industry?
Technology and the environment have been at the forefront over the last decade although I see innovation as a key issue going forward. Innovation can take many forms – from innovative energy saving initiatives, an innovative way of management, through to innovative design.

What are the biggest challenges facing the industry as a whole?
I see the biggest challenge is the ongoing development of the industry to keep ahead of the game, and making sure we as a business are able to change as other transport and logistics industries are globalised. This is a challenge but also provides great opportunities at the same time. We must never stop working to ensure continuous improvement including new, innovative ways of thinking.

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