US$4.6m to be invested in Marfa Port

Abu Dhabi Ports Company funding will increase business opportunities.
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Abu Dhabi Ports Company (ADPC) has announced an investment of US$4.6 million for the first phase development of the port infrastructure and maritime leisure facilities at Marfa Port.

The port is at the north end of Marfa city with direct water access to the Gulf, in the Al Gharbia region, 125 km west of Abu Dhabi.

In operational for many years, but with little proper infrastructure, the investment is the first Public Realm project, funded by the Department of Transport to be implemented as part of the Al Gharbia master plan.

The development is split into two phases. The first will focus on the port facilities, installing floating pontoons for the fishing community while enhancing the coastal protection with dredging and reclamation work.

The first phase of construction will be complete by February 2014. The second phase which will begin in a few weeks will focus on developing the landside facilities at Marfa.

Majestic Marine Engineering has been awarded the contract for the Marfa Port development work. The company has solid experience developing port facilities, having improved amenities for many fishing communities in the northern region, as well as working with ADPC to develop the port offering at Sir Bani Yas island.

Marios Economides, managing director of Majestic Marine Engineering and Mohamed Al Shamisi, acting CEO, ADPC formally signed the investment agreement at the ADPC head offices on August 1.

Economides said: “The floating pontoons which have already being previously used to berth a total of 4500 boats in 22 ports in the northern as well as in the eastern regions of UAE, have been specially designed to sustain the harsh conditions of the Arabian Gulf and are made of materials which are not only environmentally friendly but with proper maintenance they can last up to 40 years. Their durability and strength make them the perfect choice for the project."

The second phase of the development will focus on the landside infrastructure and new marina facilities. The development will include a building for the fisherman’s association, a new fish-market and amenities for the local community including retail units for a café, a restaurant and small supermarket. There will be retail units for maintenance businesses, a large paved area for boat parking, a shaded dry dock area for boat maintenance, and around 240 new berths for boats.


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