Wednesday Blog: Taking inter-firm rivalry to new levels

UPS delivery man caught stealing FedEx package.
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Yesterday we posted a clip on this website showing a FedEx employee caught on camera carelessly throwing boxes into a delivery van. While viewing the related videos tab on YouTube, I came across a more appalling incident.

In December last year, a UPS delivery man was caught on surveillance camera stealing a package that had been delivered earlier by FedEx, right from the doorstep of a Texas home. The package contained an iPad Mini.

FedEx delivered the Apple tablet in the morning. The owner had left a pre-signed delivery form taped to his front door giving the driver permission to leave the package on the porch.

Later that afternoon though, a UPS employee came to make a delivery. After ringing the bell, and finding no response, he picked up the FedEx package, examined it, and walked off with it.

The homeowner had a tough time trying to report the matter through the UPS customer service platform so he posted the video on YouTube and immediately got a response - and a new iPad Mini.

Although choosing to post a video like that on YouTube in the UAE might get you arrested, but that is a discussion for another day.

The incident can be viewed below.

You can watch the FedEx employee, who was caught throwing packages into a van here.

Ahmad Lala is the editor of Logistics Middle East magazine.

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