GL develops voluntary certification scheme for MLC

MLC implementation workshop to be held from August 14-15 in Dubai.
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With the entry into force of the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) 2006 on August 20, ships of all flags (irrespective of them having ratified the MLC 2006) may be subject to Port State Control (PSC) inspections in any country that has ratified the Convention.

To assist shipowners, who operate ships under a flag that has not yet ratified the MLC 2006, or have not published their national maritime labour law, the GL Group has developed a certification standard to safeguard shipowners against Article V/7 of the MLC, 2006 and enable shipowners to demonstrate compliance with the MLC 2006 on the date of entry into force of the convention.

The voluntary certification scheme leads to the issuance of a Statement of Compliance (SoC) following a shipboard inspection. This certification scheme shall be applicable to shipowners operating vessels under a flag that has not ratified the MLC 2006 and not issued a DMLC Part I.

The standard describes the steps to be undertaken for the inspection and the certification of the on-board working and living conditions and any associated items related to maritime working and living conditions covered by the relevant provisions of the MLC 2006 in the event that the vessel’s flag has not ratified the convention.

“Although this voluntary certification can neither guarantee that ships complying with it will not be inspected by Port State Control, nor that it can later be directly transferred into a final Maritime Labour Certificate (MLC) after the Flag State has ratified the Convention, it could definitely help shipowners to bridge the time and at least demonstrate compliance with the Convention on time. Shipowners using this service will benefit from the insight and experience of GL’s broad network of Maritime Labour Inspectors, who are heavily involved in the global compliance process,” said Olaf Quas, global head of practice ISM/ISPS and MLC 2006.

As the date of entry into force of the MLC 2006 rapidly approaches, ship owners, managers, crewing agencies and seafarers are now obliged to familiarise themselves with the new requirements in order to implement them.

GL Academy provides the appropriate support and offers workshops that deliver explanations and solutions for compliance with the ILO Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 (MLC, 2006). The Implementation Workshop ILO Maritime Labour Convention 2006 training in Dubai, UAE will be held from August 14-15, 2013 .


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