BMI issues Qatar Shipping Report Q3 2013

Report: 2013 container throughput to grow by 3.6% at the Port of Doha.
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A report issued by Business Monitor International has predicted that container throughput will grow by 3.6% at the Port of Doha in Qatar in 2013.

The Qatari shipping sector continues to be dominated by the export of the country’s key commodity, natural gas, through the export terminal of Ras Laffan. Much of this is carried by national carrier Qatar Gas Transport (Nakilat).

However, the country is looking to increase its container and dry bulk shipping presence as well, through the development of the New Doha Port, which is being developed with an eye towards capturing some lucrative transhipment trade. Further, Qatar is making its presence felt in foreign ports sectors and is investing in developing facilities in Egypt.

According to the report, 2013 Port of Doha container throughput is forecast to grow by 3.6%, and to average 4.3% per annum to 2017 (including transferred operations to New Doha from 2015); 2013 Port of Doha total tonnage throughput forecast to expand by 2.9% to 8.68mn tonnes, and to average 4.1% per annum over our forecast period (including transferred operations to New Doha from 2015); 2013 total trade growth forecast at -1.2%, and to average -2.4% over our forecast period as gas prices fall.

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