ADPC Marine Services attains IALA Level 2 standard

Highest accredited navigational standard for a Middle East operator.
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The Navigation Services Department of the ADPC Marine Services has announced that its technical team has completed and passed training based on IALA Level 2 Model Courses – the highest internationally accredited navigational standard yet attained by a marine service operator in the Middle East region, and only the third awarded worldwide.

The International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities (IALA) is an 80-member country organisation representing navigation services and interests worldwide.

ADPC Marine Services manages 966 buoys and beacons over 52 channels and waterways, covering a span of 472 kilometres across Abu Dhabi, except petroleum ports channels.

In addition, contractual work is undertaken on an adhoc basis for external parties that reach as far as the UAE borders. The department also delivers related consultancy services with a special focus on waterway design.

IALA publishes module courses for AtoN (Aids to Navigation) Training – Level 1 is designed for management and Level 2 is designed for technicians. The training assimilation in ADPC Marine Services was evaluated via written and oral examinations conducted by Middle East Navigation Aid Services (MENAS) representatives.

ADPC Marine Services has worked hand-in-hand with MENAS in the building of the navigation section – from the design of the facilities, to recruitment and training of personnel and the selection and enhancement of the departments’ equipment and vessels.

Hamad Al Maghrabi, general manager of ADPC Marine Services, said: “We are delighted that our technical team has reached such high standards; their expertise now places them in the top-tier globally. This also supports ADPC’s top priority: to continue to ensure the safe, expeditious and cost effective movement of vessels in our Abu Dhabi waters, whilst working to reduce any environmental impact.”

Shaheen Mirza, senior project engineer, MENAS, added: “We have been very impressed with the thoroughness and dedication which the management and other members of the ADPC technical team brought to the program. We congratulate them on being the first AtoN team in the Middle East region to be awarded the IALA Level 2 standard. By successfully completing the training, the team members have learned a multiple set of skills, enabling them to cross-train in order to share workload and effectively deliver projects.”

The ADPC Navigation Services Department is ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, certified from LRQA.


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