Unique System completes Ranger Offshore upgrade

The modular design of the upgrade will now accommodate 12 divers.
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Unique System LLC (USA), a Unique Maritime Group company, has recently completed the successful delivery of upgrade to the Ranger Offshore Inc.’s DNV classed, 6-man 1000’ Saturation Diving System to a 12-man system.

Established in 2005, Unique System LLC (USA) is based in New Iberia, Louisiana and Houston, Texas and has an office at Hamriyah Freezone in Sharjah.

Ranger Offshore delivers safe, reliable, cost-effective marine and subsea construction support services to the offshore oil and gas industry.

Originally built by Unique System in 2010, Ranger Offshore contracted USLLC to perform the upgrade to make it a 12-man diving system. The modular design of this unit allows for this upgrade of the system to accommodate 12 divers for working in water depths of up to 1000 fsw. The upgrade was done under the auspices of Det Norske Veritas in order to keep the system classed as DNV for all future work.

Arjun M Ramchandani, CEO Unique System LLC (USA), said: “We are pleased to announce the successful upgrade of Ranger Offshore’s SAT system. The upgraded system is also a DNV classed system. We are able to take on upgrade projects to class certification in order to support our client requirements”.


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