Dubai Customs foils bids to smuggle 16.2kg of heroin

Busts made in four separate incidents this year.
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Dubai Customs inspectors at Cargo Village foiled bids to smuggle 16.2 kg of heroin in four separate incidents this year, the emirates news agency WAM reported.

According to the released statement, smugglers attempted to mislead customs officers using mirrors, writing pens, books, clothing embroidery accessories and hand bags.

“The seizures were made in respect to four shipments in transit over different periods of time this year, coming from an Asian country and heading to Western and Asian countries via Dubai,” said Ahmed Mahboob, executive director of clients management at Dubai Customs.

Mahboob revealed the first bust involved a postal parcel heading to a Western country via Dubai and another country. The parcel contained a pen, books and magazines, as described in the customs declaration. However, the officials were concerned with the weight of the package.

“The three kilogramme weight of the parcel and the availability of books and magazines in the destination country drew the inspector’s attention," he said. "The shipment was then scanned with images showing density in the contents, which led us to suspect it to be narcotic drugs. This was confirmed by Customs’ Dogs Unit when they were called.”

The information was then passed on to the destination country so that a bust could be made on the receiving party. “By coordinating and collaborating with the relevant security agencies, a controlled delivery for the shipment was processed together with passing the relative information to the security and customs authorities at the two western countries,” said Mahboob. “At the country of final destination the books, found to be filled with heroin weighing 1.7kg, were seized by the authorities there, and action was also taken towards the receiving agency.

The second bust involved a 2.7 kg seizure of heroin stuffed in a mirror inside a postal parcel; the third was 7 kg of heroin detected by Cargo Village customs inspectors hidden in ladies clothing embroidery accessories, professionally folded in cartoon pieces; while the fourth smuggling attempt was foiled when inspectors found 5.5 kg of heroin in samples of textiles inside a postal parcel.

Mahboob was full of praise for the organisation’s customs inspectors. “Dubai Customs inspectors being enjoyed (sic) with higher security sense, inspection and professional skills, were able to detect the heroin preventing its entry and promotion at the countries of final destination; a process, which enhances Dubai Customs’ image in the area of international cooperation, and as an administration supporting legitimate trade.”

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